USB Loader MRC

  • USB Loader MRC
    Der USB Loader MRC ist ein einfacher USB Loader ohne viel Schnickschnack für den schnellen Zock. und bietet auch Support für cIOSX rev18. Er basiert auf dem originalen USB Loader von Waninkoko und kann Spiele ausschließlich von HDD wiedergeben (Format: WBFS). Er bietet Support für Cover, Banner und auch alternative DOLs. Steuern lässt er sich mit Wiimote und Gamecube Controller. Der Skin lässt sich beliebig dem eigenem Geschmack anpassen. Eine Coverkollektion zum Downloaden gibt es hier.

    Was kann dieser Loader?

    - USB Loader (Spiele ausschlich von HDD abspielen)
    - Minimale Funktionen
    - 192x64 Banner
    - 128x177 Cover
    - Widescreensupport
    - Ocarina Cheats
    - Automatische Auswahl einer alternativen DOL

    Nähere Infos bitte der beiliegenden Readme entnehmen.


    v1 (2009.06.11)
    * First release

    v2 (2009.07.15)
    * Added video mode selection
    * Added anti-error option 002: games like Ghostbusters and Indiana Jones work correctly
    * Added option to sort games with button 1
    * Now only reads the banner of the page to display, so it loads faster and if you have favorite games on the first page you save time
    * Activated the option to install or uninstall games again
    * Support for command Gamecube
    * Fixed some bugs and 'warnings' code

    v3 (2009.08.08)
    * Added ocarina tricks
    * Load DOL added alternative
    * Now save settings for each game separately

    v4 (2009.09.05)
    * Added automatic selection of alternative from DOL database internal
    * Slight improvement in load speed banners from SD
    * New view mode with large banners (will keep little also)

    * Many bug code

    v5 (2009.09.17)
    * And games can be ordered in two ways (large banners and banners small)
    * Support for up to 3 files for each game Ocarina tricks
    * Support for Up to 65000 as digit of DOL file alternative
    * Fixes a bug introduced in the previous version was not the progressively
    * Some code cleanup
    * More things which I do not remember

    v6 (2009.10.13)
    * Load much faster
    * Includes two versions: the usual and a new one with a view mode sample covers more than 128x180 pixels

    v7 (2009.11.17)
    * Added patch Wii NEW Super Mario Bros. in real time (although with cIOSrev15 no longer necessary)

    v8 (2010.01.03)
    * I have finally decided to cancel the small banners and incorporate covers officially because ...
    * Now you can put holes in the pages and the order of play categories / pages is much better
    * Now covers less tall, 128x176
    * Big banners now use the tagline _banner _Big not.
    * Added sound banner pressing A and darkening of the screen Confirmation mode
    * Other speed improvements

    v9 (2010.02.04)
    * Added support for recording time in Official Wii game

    v10 (2010.02.15)
    * Corrected the time of registration Official Wii now beginning to starting from running the game and not since we opened the launcher
    * Added option to turn off individual registration Wii Official
    * Added support for widescreen (more games on the screen)
    * Now supports up to 9 photos of tricks Ocarina
    * Added support for skins (skins) Custom
    * Fixed code dumps incompatible with SDHC / SD (theoretically, I have able to prove it)
    * Various code enhancements

    v11 (2010.02.17)
    * Fixed a bug which cloned games

    v12 (2010.02.19)
    * Automatic download of Internet portals (in the HOME menu)
    * System of universal cover, first cover for XXXXXX_Y.png as before, if it is not looking XXX_Y.png, where X is the first 3 Game Character ID
    * Option to choose to come back to: HBC or Wii menu (for users of forwarders)
    * Corrected the option of daily, now is stored on the SD if we choose to NOT a game journaling
    * Create the directory if there usbloader_mrc

    v13 (2010.02.28)

    * Support for cIOSx rev18
    * Quick boot option - You can mute the banner sounds in the options to boot straight into a game
    * New format of saved games in order to test (keep compatibility with old to avoid having to reorder the games again, but the general configuration as the display type or output mode must be re-configured)

    v14 (2010.04.28)

    * first english version, thanks to pepxl
    * first italian version, thanks to MrFrem82
    * added IOS selector (only 249/250 for now) for future cIOS rev20
    * added Red Steel 2 PAL to the alternative IOS database

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