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  • GCMM
    Der GameCube/Wii Memory Manager ist für das sichern von GameCube Speicherständen geeignet. Die Memory Card für den GameCube wird nur im SLOT B erkannt.


    * Backups and restores savegames into GCI format
    * Deletes savegames from slot B memory card
    * Wiimote and GameCube controller support
    * Power button support
    * Front SD (wii) and SDGecko (gc) support
    * A nice UI
    * Open Source!


    [What's New 1.4f - april 05, 2017 - By suloku]
    • dragonbane0 made a mod of version 1.4c with folder selection and alphabetical sorting. Zephiles pointed this out and the changes have been merged with some little extra tweaks. Thanks you both!
    EDIT (April 6th 21:39:03 UTC): reuploaded with simple graphic bug solved, please re-download if you got the file previously.

    [What's New 1.4e - february 27, 2016 - By suloku]
    • Fixed bug in card.c that prevented correct backup/write of saves with same filename but different case. Bug affected Timesplitters 2, probably Timesplitters 3 too.
    Thanks to DakuTree for reporting and Antidote for fixing.

    [What's New 1.4d - august 08, 2015 - By suloku]

    • Fixed bug in card.c that prevented writing to the last block of the memory card, preventing restoring a savegame that would fill the memory card (thanks to undergroundmonorail)
    • Fixed bug in card.c that prevented correct block freeing when deleting a file and only was fixed by using the memory card on official software (the wii/gamecube save manager or probably also games)
    • Added libogc fix for a bug in card.c (the bug didn't affect GCMM, it was fixed in 1.4b, but I didn't change card.c)
    • Changed button presses for single savegame delete to prevent unvoluntary savegame deleting

    [What's New 1.4c - january 05, 2014 - By suloku]

    Disabled __sector_erase() check when raw restoring as some unofficial cards seem to have problems with it.

    [What's New 1.4b - september 03, 2013 - By suloku]

    Card initialization was wrong all the way, wich lead to savegames of
    the same game of different region or those that shared similar
    filenames (Twilight Princess and WindWaker) to not work properly. Thanks
    to antidote.crk for noticing. (read considerations sections for more
    Added version display

    [What's New 1.4a - october 18, 2012 - By suloku]

    Fixed SD Gecko when inserted/swapped at slot selection screen in GameCube mode.
    FLash ID display was missing a byte
    Changed some text that may confuse the user
    Made font sizes more coherent
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