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  • iDeaS
    iDeaS ist ein DS-Emulator für den PC. Der Emulator ist für Windows und Linux erhältlich. Genauere Infos können der Readme entnommen werden.



    * final version for Windows, some small changes of beta version.

    v. Beta

    * Fixed a bug in BOX_TEST routine.
    * Fixed a bug in conversion routines for fixed point to float point numbers (3D routines).
    * Fixed a bug in SWAP_BUFFER with multicores support.
    * Fixed a bug in Alpha Blending mode iwth 3D layer and 2D layers.
    * Fixed a bug in Palette Viewer.
    * Fixed a bug in ARM9 abort routine.

    * Many small fixes, especially for the support of multicore in 3D.

    v. beta
    * Added MultiCores support for 3d rendering.
    * Added data abort for ITCM memory.
    * Fixed a bug in SWI 0xF.
    * Fixed a bug in IPCFIFOCNT register for FiFo Empty IRQ.
    * Fixed a bug in DISP3DCNT register with buffered commands.
    * Fixed bugs for Action Replay C0 and E2.
    * Fixed a bug in zbuffer management.
    * Fixed a bug in textures managemnet.
    * Fixed a bug in DS Cartridge Secure Area.

    * Fixed a bug in 2D Render Plugin with Multicores option.
    * Fixed a bug in Projection Matrix management.
    * Fixed a bug in Fog and Fog Alpha emulation.
    * Fixed a bug in Matrices Stack management.

    v. beta
    * Fixed bug in SWP and SWPB opcodes.
    * Fixed bug in LDM and STM opcodes.
    * Fixed bug in POP and PUSH opcodes.
    * Fixed bug in ROM Info and Properties dialogs.
    * Fixed bug in Mode 4 render mode.
    * Fixed bug in dma channels emulation.
    * Added some speedup at the emulation.

    * Fixed a bug in Matrices Viewer.
    * Fixed a bug with Translucent Polygons.
    * Added support for quad cores.
    * another minor fixes and changes

    v1.0.3.7 beta 2
    * Added support for multicores.
    * Added some speedups to emulation.
    * Fixed a bug in Power management emulation.
    * Fixed a bug in SaveState, now the Microphone works after a load savestate.

    v1.0.3.7 beta
    * Fixed bug deleting Graphics Context. (Windows Only)
    * Fixed bug in Texture Blending Decal Mode.
    * Fixed bug in DIVCNT register.
    * Fixed bug in SQRTCNT register.
    * Fixed bug writing Fog Coordinates.z.
    * Fixed bug in GXSTAT register.
    * Added support for 3D rear-plane.

    v1.0.3.6 final
    * Fixed a bug in swi 4 (ARM9), swi 4 and swi 6 for ARM7 (DS Mode).
    * Fixed a bug in Alpha Blending between 3D Layer and OAMs. (DS Mode).
    * Fixed a bug in reading Palette Memory (GBA Mode).
    * Fixed a bug in reading Vidoe Memory (GBA Mode).
    * Added swi 10 (GBA Mode).

    v1.0.3.6 beta
    * Fixed bug in Gamecard ROM and SPI Control.
    * Fixed a bug in Mode4 (GBA mode).
    * Fixed a bug in Matrices Stack when overflow occurs.
    * Fixed a bug in branch opcodes (ARM).
    * Fixed a bug in VRAM address mirroring.
    * Added new Gamecard Command.
    * Added Viewer 3D Matrix.

    v1.0.3.5 beta
    * Fixed a bug in savestates management.
    * Fixed a bug in dmas transfers.
    * Fixed a bug in cardrom command.
    * Fixed some bugs in debugger window.
    * Added new DMA channels and cardrom features, like latency etc etc.It's an experiment.

    v1.0.3.4 Final
    * Fixed bugs in HALTCNT register and bios's routines.
    * Fixed bug loading an external firmware.
    * Fixed bug loading games.
    * Fixed bug in plugins management.
    * Fixed bug (ARM7 & ARM9) for opcodes that use PC register.
    * Fixed some bugs in debug and memory windows.
    * Added messages on console for Flash and Firmware memory.
    Actarus & Lino
    Windows -, Linux
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