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  • Doesn't really have anything to do with Wiimmfi, but I wanted to post it here anyways: Yesterday, Nintendo broke the configuration of their Wii login server which is still used for the few Wii games that still have an official online mode (like the Call of Duty variants). I have no idea if they are planning to fix that, but in the meantime, there's a way to get around that using a cheat code. If you are playing Wii games online that still have their official online servers, and you now get error…

  • Done.

  • When using Dolphin it doesn't matter what region the NAND is from. You just need a recent version of Dolphin and a NAND from an actual console.

  • No, I don't. I just know that a four-year old version of Dolphin doesn't work with Wiimmfi and you need a recent one.

  • Die MKW-Fun-Ausgaben mit 300+ Strecken sind deutlich weniger in Benutzung online als das Originalspiel, du wirst also nicht immer jemanden finden. Normalerweise online spielen wir immer die letzte MKW-Fun Ausgabe (also die von dir verlinkte), das ist aber nicht das Intermezzo. Das Intermezzo ist eine Testausgabe, die jede Woche neu rauskommt, um neue Strecken zu testen.

  • Then you won't be able to use Wiimmfi properly. You need a newer version of Dolphin.

  • What makes you think that running a tool named "Wiimmfi unbanner" is a good idea? Import the NAND backup from your Wii instead. EDIT: Also, update your Dolphin, 5.0-11 is more than 4 years old.

  • Wiimms SZS Tools

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    FLW and FLI sections have no references to the other BMG sections as far as I know. If you want to implement parser support for these:

  • Okay, if your Wii hasn't been homebrewed in the past then Bootmii probably won't be helpful. Did you ever use the Wii Shop in the past, do you remember if it ever worked? The errors in the Wiimmfi logs for your console seem to indicate some kind of software or hardware defect, but that would usually result in a different error code in the Wii Shop Channel ... When you switch the DNS back to automatic (away from the Wiimmfi DNS) do you get the same error for the Shop?

  • Interesting. I've only seen that error happen on a real Wii once, where the system files were completely fucked up ... - Can you access the Wii Shop Channel without problems? - Do you have Bootmii on your Wii / do you have a NAND backup? If so, can you send me the keys.bin file in a private message? - If you have Homebrew on your Wii, do you remember what tutorial you used? Maybe there's something weird that you installed ...

  • Maybe the script uses some newer bash features that the Mac version doesn't have? What's the output of bash --version, and can you use a newer version of bash?

  • Die Idee mit dem Downgrade auf 4.1 kommt daher, dass es bestimmte Bricks gibt, die sich (ohne Priiloader) nur beheben lassen, wenn man nicht auf der neuesten Firmware ist. 4.1 hat gegenüber 4.3 keine Nachteile, 4.2 und 4.3 waren alles nur Anti-Homebrew-Änderungen von Nintendo. Prinzipiell ist es heutzutage meiner Meinung nach relativ egal ob deine Wii auf 4.1 oder 4.3 ist, solange du den Priiloader installiert hast.

  • About banning

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    According to the mod who banned you, you had another track edit in your MyStuff (on DK Summit) and played Worldwide races with that. Get rid of that track, then wait about 19 more hours for the ban to pass.

  • I don't have a Mac so I certainly can't make a Mac tutorial. Basically you just have to set the script as executable (go into the correct folder using cd, then set executable with chmod +x, then run the script using ./

  • @Varon I believe that MrBean has already said almost everything there is to say about this topic, but just a quick addition: You did notice that a couple posts above yours a patch was posted for the RCE vulnerability? That fix is not identical to the one on Wiimmfi, but it'll have the same effect. @Gamebuster Yes, theoretically if an attacker were able to obtain that IP address, he'd be able to host malicious stuff on that server, which could then run malicious code on consoles when the License …

  • It is highly unlikely that attackers will be able to "escape" the Dolphin Emulator and run malicious code on your computer with this exploit. That would require another bug in Dolphin (not in the game) that would allow you to break out of the emulated machine onto the host.

  • @FancyDolphin Nope. A cheat code to brick your own Wii has existed publicly for quite some time. And now there also is public source code on how to abuse this exploit to run codes on another player's console (on servers other than Wiimmfi). It's not plug-and-play, but a malicious person / hacker or anyone who has ever made any kind of cheat code will probably be able to put 2 and 2 together and get a code to brick other players consoles; that's why I made that announcement - so people are aware …

  • Yeah, that's why that risk is mentioned as well. But I'd imagine that getting people to enter a malicious DNS server would still get you less "victims" than going on an AltWFC clone and just leave your console running for a while. We are just announcing that there is this theoretical risk, so nobody can say afterwards "why has nobody warned me". Never underestimate the amount of time that cheaters or hackers put into inconveniencing other players...

  • Important things first: If you are playing on Wiimmfi, either using automatic DNS, the Wiimmfi DNS (, the RiiConnect24 DNS ( or other trustworthy DNS servers like the ones from Google, this message does NOT apply to you. It only applies if you play on an AltWFC clone, or if you are using untrustworthy DNS servers or networks. TL;DR at the bottom. The Wii (and WiiU) is a relatively old console (14 years Wii, 8 years WiiU), and both of them haven't been receiving secu…

  • Done.