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  • I have yet to see any tutorials on the topic yet, and since i have the know-how i thought i would do the honors of informing the public. This guide assumes you are using a Windows PC. As some of you may know, Nintendo re-released some retail Wii games digitally on the Wii U eShop under the Virtual Console section, each game costs 20 USD last time i checked (plus any applicable taxes) and is downloaded directly onto the system. For some games this is actually the cheapest way to obtain them (Metr…

  • Well, that won't help. Cause the stutters are more like hitches, the game drops to 0 fps for a brief moment. I've been playing on Dolphin for a bit, the hitches don't seem to be bad enough to be causing problems. Or else i probably would have already gotten banned. Anyways, i should probably end the conversation here. As it's getting off-topic from the thread. Also, if a moderator is able to delete this thread please do so as my question has been answered.

  • OK, thanks for clearing that up! I'm most likely only going to play online with my real Wii though, as i occasionally get a short stutter every now and again on Dolphin. It's random, happens once or twice every couple races usually when larger courses have to load a lot of stuff at once. But other than that i do maintain 60fps at all times.

  • Greetings everyone!

    SubsonicBeatz154 - - User introduction


    Hello forum users! I'm brand new here. It's rare for me to make posts like this but... Eh, thought i would introduce myself. Names Subsonic, i recently got a used Wii and softmodded it so i could dump my GameCube games to run on Dolphin, but then i remembered about Wiimmfi... And i immediately ordered a used copy of Mario Kart Wii to relive my days of playing online on Nintendo WFC. I ended up going the Wiimmfi patcher method and loading that onto my USB drive for USB Loader GX since i already d…