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  • Quote from pistonfish: “I'm pretty sure that DeSmuME has online play ” I did hear that it's possible to use a modified version of DeSmuME. These are the only ones that have compatibility?

  • I'm sure some people knows that melonDS is popular for its useful multiplayer features. Just curious if anybody knows any other emulators that can do the same? (Either locally or online, doesn't matter.)

  • I use Wiimmfi for Animal Crossing, Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Mario Kart Wii. I want to try seeing what other games I could try. Any suggestions?

  • Hi, I'm Link111.

    Link111 - - User introduction


    I've only created my forum account today and had started Youtube once again a couple days ago. If you want, you can just call me Nevaeh! I got my first Wii in 2012, and started modding it since 2017. I had got my first Nintendo 3DS in 2011, and modded the one I previously owned. I had decided to give it away as I never really used it. I got a Wii U in 2014 and tried modding it, but got console-banned as the dumb kid I was at the time. That's all I really want to say. More may be revealed about m…