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  • This can sometimes happen due to a bug in Dolphin. Did you play any out-of-region games? Make sure that under Settings -> General -> Basic settings the option "Allow mismatched region settings" is enabled, and that "Fallback region" matches the region of the console the NAND is from.

  • The images you posted aren't visible because links to Google Mail only work for yourself, not for others. What game mode are you trying? Friend rooms through the friend list, or regional races? I know that there's some bug that sometimes happens that sometimes prevents people from joining other's regional races through the friend list. If you're currently doing that, try either both just entering "Region 148" (if you want to play regional races where other people could join), or have one person …

  • I don't think changing the gameID is a good idea, these are fairly limited and the ID4 isn't really a good indicator to differentiate between mods. I assume that with all the code changes you did to the game already, you probably have some framework to inject C code into the game? Or is this all gecko codes and file edits? If you can inject custom code you could just add a couple custom login parameters to signal to Wiimmfi that you want your own dedicated region. Though that would require some …

  • MKWII CTGP Online Problem

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    Sounds like a child lock / child protection thing. Check the Wii's settings and remove that. If you lost the PIN go to to reset.

  • Then that's something we can easily fix on the Wiimmfi server, when Wiimm updates the game database the next time this error should be gone.

  • Is that friend code discrepancy something that just happens with your mod, or does this happen with the base game as well? If it happens with the base game as well we can fix that fairly easily on the Wiimmfi server for everyone.

  • What do you mean it uses its own friendcode system? I'm not aware of any game doing that. Or do you mean the friend codes displayed on the Wiimmfi site are wrong and don't match the one displayed in-game, but they still have the same format? (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx or xxxxxx-xxxxxx) That's usually a simple fix, all we need for that is your friend code as displayed on Wiimmfi and your friend code as displayed in-game, and we can correct that for all players of that game.

  • A custom server, as in, having a dedicated copy of the Wiimmfi server run just for your game, is not possible. But it's also not needed - there's other ways to filter which players you can connect to. For example, in Mario Kart Wii there's continental matches where the game requests from the server "Hey Wiimmfi, let me find some other players that are also in region 2" (for example). Nintendo only ever used region numbers 0 to 9, so all the numbers higher than that are custom regions used to dis…

  • It's possible, but it depends on how the mod implemented the Wiimmfi patch. If it's a LE-CODE distribution the right way is to hex-edit the lecode binary. The patch depends on the LE-CODE version. For version 38, search for 48 00 07 a9 80 01 00 0c and replace with 60 00 00 00 80 01 00 0c. For version 36, search for 48 00 06 0d 80 01 00 0c and replace with 60 00 00 00 80 01 00 0c. For version <=34, search for 48 00 01 dd 80 01 00 0c and replace with 60 00 00 00 80 01 00 0c. If the patch is includ…

  • Yeah, you can use the same NAND dump. You can even use it at the same time on all your devices (PC and SteamDeck). Just don't share it with too many other people. Also, you will need different in-game profiles (friend codes) if you want to play with Steam Deck and PC at the same time.

  • The patch can be found in the sources of Wiimms ISO tools, under /project/src/patch.c in the function security_patch. This source code file also contains all the other patch-related stuff for Wiimmfi, but that's basically just domain replacement ( to and removal of HTTPS. If you want to discuss some stuff in private, my Discord is @leseratte; you can send me a message there.

  • In theory, replacing with and all HTTPS references to HTTP is enough to make Animal Crossing connect to Wiimmfi, yes. In practice, we noticed a huge security flaw in most Wii games a couple years ago (including Animal Crossing) and now only let games connect to Wiimmfi when that flaw is fixed. For more information see , though that page doesn't go into detail what exactly is patched. Easiest way is probably to take a clean Animal Crossing ISO or WBFS…

  • Wiimmfi Assign Console

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    Hi Yousef, I've removed the connection with the deleted account, you should now be able to re-assign the consoles.

  • Item Limitationen in LE-Code

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    Cheatcodes zum Aufheben von Item-Limits gibt es doch soweit ich weiß schon ewig (zumindest für offline), die müsstest du dann halt nur mit in die ISO einbauen genau wie den LE-CODE. Mit dem MyStuff-Ordner wird das aber höchstwahrscheinlich nicht gehen.

  • Wiimmfi doesn't currently support DNS over TLS, but if it helps people get around blocking maybe we can set it up some time. We've made a tool that you can run on a local computer that runs its own DNS server to get around blocking:

  • Ja - aber wozu? Der LE-CODE hat mehr als genug Slots (sieht man ja daran, dass es längst andere Probleme gibt wie bei dir mit den Cup-Icons, bevor einem die Slot-IDs ausgehen), und den Bereich aufzustückeln um die paar Slots noch mit aufzunehmen ist unnötiger Aufwand.

  • Dann hat das Standardspiel wohl nicht so viel RAM, die ganzen Cup-Icons gleichzeitig zu laden. Wir haben im LE-CODE explizit kein Limit für Cups oder Strecken gesetzt; mit der expliziten Ansage, dass man irgendwann halt in andere Limits des Spiels laufen wird. Sei es das 9GB ISO-Limit oder auch das RAM-Limit für die Cup-Icons. Und da wir selber für MKW-Fun keinen Bedarf an einer so großen Menge an Cups haben, ist es auch unwahrscheinlich dass wir das irgendwann supporten werden. Hast du die Opti…

  • Yeah, on that exact thread. Or just here if you post your WiiUs serial number.

  • LE-Code zufälliges Auswählen

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    Theoretisch ja, irgendwann mal. Das Problem ist aber, dass Wiimm und ich mit Wiimmfi, LE-CODE, MKW-Fun und anderen Hobbys schon jede Menge zu tun haben - unsere To-Do-Listen werden eher immer länger als kürzer, und die Dinge, die wir abarbeiten sind dann in der Regel auch Dinge die wir gerne haben möchten / brauchen oder bei denen wir davon ausgehen, dass ein Großteil der Leute einen Vorteil darin sieht; und eher weniger einzelne Features wie dieses. Ich setze es aber mal auf die Liste und schau…