DS (3DS-DSLite) & Pandora X-Stylus

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      DS (3DS-DSLite) & Pandora X-Stylus

      Wer >> HIER << für mindestens 25Dollar spendet, erhält bei Produktion 4
      XStylus für seinen Nintendo® DS Lite und ermöglicht so auch die Produktion des XStylus für die Pandora :

      News von:

      Pledge $25 or more
      This reward includes 2 sets of XStylus (i.e. 4 styluses) and DONOR status recognition on greenbulb.com website. (worldwide shipping included)

      Kickstarter.com > xstylus-ergonomic-touch-pen-for-nintendo-ds-lite
      Greenbulb.com>> greenbulb.com/products/xstylus.htm


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      Das Ziel von 10,000 Dollar wurde erreicht. Der XStylus für den DSLight wird produziert!!! :cheerleader3:

      You've made this happened! the XStylus for NDSL shall be born!

      Hi Backers,

      40 Backers
      $10,048 pledged of $10,000 goal
      [b]3 hours to go
      >>> forum.gp2x.de/viewtopic.php?f=…393&hilit=xstylus#p153393

      I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that we've reached our Kickstarter goal.[/b] This is incredible and my hands are still shaking as i type this update from my cell phone.

      I'm kinda speechless right now but thank you. thank you for your trust and support over the past 30 days. It has been a rough ride but your support has been what kept me going. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      Once the project completes and when funds are received. I will go full swing in production and will keep you updated on the process.

      Thank you once again.



      Damit ist der XStylus für die Pandora auch in greifbare Nähe gerückt > 2 Monate(tm)
      X-Stylus Projekt wurde neu gestartet(IndieGoGo anstatt Kickstarter),
      weil einer der Unterstützer nicht gezahlt hat.

      >>> [ indiegogo.com/XStylus-Crayon ] <<<

      Jetzt werden nur noch 7000$ anstatt 10.000$ benötigt um das Projekt zu beginnen.

      Hier die Nachricht von Elton(GreenBulb):

      Project refund, moving forward...
      By GreenBulb

      Hi Backers,

      This message bring some bad news regarding this XStylus project.

      Despite my effort and Kickstarter’s effort to contact the last backer for the transfer of payment since the completion of this project, we have receive no reply so far. It is a flaw in Kickstarter's system to have allowed someone without enough funding to complete pledge. Kickstarter has admitted the flaw in their business platform and here’s their response below:


      K: I'm sorry Elton. If you've contacted him to see what's up and haven't heard a reply, it might be an unsalvageable decline. I see the pledge came in with just 7 hours left on the project, so this makes it difficult to track suspicion with so few hours left. It's an unusual case and we regret that it's marred your ability to carry out the project. If you indeed cannot carry out the project with the funds received, then backers will need to be refunded, and this is doable through Amazon.

      E: Yes, I also notice that bad pledge was added 7 hours before the end of the fundraising. We may have a different standard, to me 7 hours is a lot of time, especially when everything is done electronically. If time is not enough for Kickstarter / Amazon Payments to figure out if there is a problem with a backer's bank account, it should not even allow the pledge to be added to the sum. If this happened to me, it can very well happen to other project creators. This is a big flaw in the Kickstarter fundraising platform, you may or may not be aware of this but I have come to know of this situation on the expense of my reputation.

      K: You are correct, this is a problem and we will work on refining processes and systems so that this kind of thing cannot happen again. Your case was a rare one but we're aware that situations like yours demand attention. We appreciate your understanding and feedback, and truly regret that you're in this situation.


      Not to dwell over something neither Kickstarter and I can change, I will be processing a refund within a week and please accept my apologies for the inconvenience and disappointment caused. I have asked Kickstarter to issue an apology to you but my request has fallen onto deaf’s ears. So, please accept my sincere apologies and hope that your “internet crowdfunding” experience will not end here.

      To move forward, I have started a new project on indiegogo.com/XStylus-Crayon. It is similar to Kickstarter, except that this will allow me to have the payment upfront to avoid further non payments. If you are still interested in getting the XStylus for your DSLite, please go ahead and support my project as this version of the touch pen will equally fit into your game console (3DS, DSLite and DSi).

      On this note, thank you once again for your support and I hope to get the XStylus into your hands soon.




      Der normale reicht völlig aus...

      2xGC Controller
      1xCC Pro in Gold
      1x CC
      2x Wii Motion Plus
      1xWii Fit Balance Board
      3xSD Karten
      FW. 4.2 E
      CFG Loader
      Bootmii im boot2

      :Smiley_v2_Nintendo_DS_Lite: i in Schwarz
      Firmeware 1.4.1
      Supercard DS Two.
      iPlayer für die SCDST

      :Smiley_v3_Game_Boy_Advance_SP: in Silber
      :Smiley_v3_Game_Boy: Pocket in Gelb
      Iphone 5S
      Nintendo 3DS

      Find ich auch der normale Stylus reicht aus, ich persönlich sehe in diesem X-Stylus kein nutzen.

      Mainbord: Asus X370-Pro Sockel AM4
      CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6x 4,2Ghz
      CPU Kühler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
      RAM: 16GB DDR4 2400Mhz Crucial Ballistix Sport
      Grafikkarte: Zotac Nvidia Geforce GTX1070 AMP Extreme Edition!

      Asus ROG Strix Hero II
      Core i7 8750H
      16GB DDR4 RAM
      512GB SSD
      Geforce RTX 2060 6GB

      Nintendo Switch Neon Blau/Rot
      Firmware: 5.0.1

      Wii U:
      Wii U Premium 32 GB
      Firmware: 5.5.2E
      Wii U: Haxchi
      vWii: HBC 1.1.2, d2x cIOS

      Nintendo Wii Weiß (Release)
      Firmware: 4.3E, boot2v2
      cIOS: d2x cIOSv8, Hermes cIOS 5.1 MOD
      Bootmii: Bootmii@boot2
      Homebrew Channel 1.1.2 mit selbst erstellten Peach Theme
      Priiloader: Priiloader HDE

      1x Lila, 1x Schwarz
      Breitband Adapter

      Rumble Pak

      RGB Kabel Mod

      SNES Mini:

      GB, GBC:
      Original GB
      Original GBC

      EZFlash IV

      NDS, DSi:
      Supercard DSTWO

      DSi XL:
      Firmware 1.4.2

      Haupt 3DS:
      New Nintendo 3DS XL SNES Edition
      Firmware: 11.8.0-41E mit 11.4.0 NATIVE_FIRM
      Exploit: boot9strap v1.3
      Homebrew Launcher Exploit: Homebrew Launcher Loader
      Flashkarte: Supercard DSTWO, Sky3DS+ (Wird selten benutzt)
      Custom Firmware: Luma3DS 9.1

      JAP 3DS:
      New Nintendo 3DS LL Metallic Black
      Firmware: 11.7.0-40J
      Custom Firmware: Luma3DS 9.1
      Exploit: boot9strap 1.2

      Peach 3DS:
      Nintendo 3DS Coral Pink Princess Peach Edition (Limited Edition)
      Firmware: 11.7.0-40E
      Exploit: boot9strap 1.2
      Besonderheiten: Limited Edition (1000 Stück Weltweit)


      Playstation 2:
      PS2 Slim
      Free McBoot

      Firmware: 3.65
      Exploit: HenkakuEnso CFW, Whitelist Hack
      PSP Modus: Adrenaline CFW

      Playstation 3
      PS3 Slim
      Firmware: 4.82
      Coustom Firmware: 4.82 Cobra Ferrox v1.01

      250GB HDD
      UnleashX Dashboard

      Phat 120 GB HDD
      LT+ 3.0 Laufwerksflash


      XStylus Crayon for the Nintendo 3DS, DSLite, DSi & DSi XL
      A transforming wide-grip touch pen that is stored in the game console

      • Projekt läuft noch 30 Tage bis Produktionsbegin.
      • Bereits 60% der Gesamtsumme beieinander
      • Funktioniert auch im neuen 3DS

      Neues Review auf wiinintendo.net/2011/04/17/impressions-xstylus-crayon/


      The XStylus Crayon for the Nintendo 3DS Unboxing


      3DS XStylus Crayon - IndieGoGo