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      cotroso wrote:

      One more question. Those who play PES online know how usual it is for some people to leave the match when they are losing, as the stats don't count withdrawals as lost games (this way they get scorecards with lots of wins and no losses, though they are completely unreal).

      That was very common back when Nintendo WFC was still online and there were more players that just wanted to play CRon and win. ;)

      cotroso wrote:

      Could it be possible to change that? I don't even know if the server somehow knows who left the game, or if this counting the withdrawals as losses is something internal and not possible to change that.

      It's not possible to get and put that information directly. As Leseratte writes correctly these stats are handled by the game, and unlike with MKW the server even never actually gets to see this stat.

      But during the P2P phase (which starts with selecting the teams and includes the whole match until a revenge is denied) both players still keep the server up to date. So I plan to use that to deduce disconnections that happen while a (first) match can't possibly be completed yet. How detailed those stats can be made is still to be seen.

      @Wiimm I'll keep an eye on all the progress happening and try to pick a suitable time to bring up all my stuff again. ;)

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      cotroso wrote:

      That's true, but even now I happen to find some people who keep on doing that (not very logical, because with the problems to find rivals reducing your chances by being in others black list doesn't look like a smart move...


      francisuk1989 wrote:

      If anyone would like to try out PES 2010 from a PAL system then drop me a message :)

      We could do a match, but the netcode of that version is really nothing to write home about. ;)
      Apologies for the huge bump, but:
      • Is @datschge s DLS1 server still up, as if not I can move it into a VPS.
      • Peerchat is down (seems @Ciapa hasn't had time to setup the new machine) so I'll be setting my old server up for it.

      I currently host the DLS1, GAMESTATS, and Peerchat server for Wiimmfi. if you have any issues with leaderboards (excluding MKW!), Mystery Gifts or other in-game downloadables, or Pokémon Wi-Fi Plaza, I can try to help!
      Hello Guys! Mi "Nintendo Wii" is from USA, it has the NTSC Region (Zone 1). I live in Argentina (Buenos Aires), but i used to play a lot PES 2013 (NTSC) in the past, using the HomeBrew Channel. I played against people from all America (USA, Mexico, Latin America, etc) and even against people from Europe...I guess it was during the year 2012-2014 that i played a lot PES 2013 on my Wii. Then i started to "move" to my PS3 so i played PES 2015, 2016, etc...

      Today, Monday 4th July 2016, i suddenly wanted to play again PES 2013 (NTSC) on my Wii because i saw that PES 2013 was the last PES to feature ALL THE CLASSIC PLAYERS like Pele, Maradona, Van Basten, Platini, Littbarski, Boniek, etc etc. And i had a MAster League Team with all those stars: A true "Dream Team". But i see that i cant connect to the Nintendo WFC.. I know that lot of things changed now since 2014, but i dont know what to do to connect to PES 2013 online again, what should i do? Please, i would like to play again using my team some matches against anyone, even from "far regions" like Europe or Asia!! Thanks in advance.
      Run this app in the homebrew channel with the game in the console and you should be good to go.

      (note: the game will still say "Nintendo WFC" when you're connecting, and the patch isn't permanent, so you'll have to run it every time you want to play online.)
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