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      MysticJeffy wrote:

      Almost a year ago i was banned for using a modded bike to give myself a really unfair advantage, at the time I did it because of being tired of losing and didn't think I could've gotten banned (because i was dumb) sadly that did happen. I understand what i did was really bad and regret ever using it in the first place. I should've just played legit and nothing would've happened. I regret doing this because I love mkwii and other servers don't have the same "feeling" or activity as wiimmfi. Thanks for giving me a chance to appeal, it would be nice to play with my friends again and play in big rooms.
      Could a wiimmfi mod please check my appeal to unban. I know its annoying to ask again and again but I just really want to play with my friends again ;( .


      datraptor wrote:

      @MysticJeffy nothin we can do without an FC of yours
      I have some of my old fcs on the wiimmfi page so i could send those. This is one of my wiis: 4730-4660-8830. after this wii all my other consoles have spoofed info so do you think you can still unban?
      Edit: what i mean by "do you think you can still unban" im talking about all my other wiis that have spoofed info the one i sent is the only wii that has spoof info and for the wiis that have spoofed info they have spoofed Wii id and SN.

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      Jeremiah87 wrote:

      Atlas wrote:

      Jeremiah87 wrote:

      Hello, I recently started using Dolphin to play MKW again, and I've been banned twice now for the apparent reason of "200cc on Worldwides." I have attached an image showing the exact Gecko codes that I have had enabled both the first and second time I got banned, and none of the codes I use have anything to do with any kind of speed modifier. My Dolphin is limited to 100% speed and I am always at a constant 60fps. Can someone please help me understand what is causing me to be banned? If I'm doing something wrong I'll remedy it immediately, I'm not trying to be disruptive or belligerent to anyone. Please and thank you.

      In your online match logs it seems like you were using the tracks from the 200cc pack. You should remove them from your game's filesystem and use the original ones instead
      May I ask what exactly the 200cc pack is? Because I've never used anything like that, the only file modifications I have are a couple of custom characters, one item model change, a few course lighting modifications to remove the DOF blur, and a few brstm changes. How can I see the logs that are showing these things? The only changes I've ever made to tracks are two texture swaps, which I changed back to default before either ban occurred, and the aforementioned DOF blur differences, but I used to use this exact same ISO on Dolphin a long time ago, minus the two custom characters I added recently, and I never had any issues until just starting back up again. Do the logs show exactly what courses are causing the issues? Could the fact that I changed the lighting files somehow have affected something? I appreciate any help given, thank you.
      I still need help with this, if anyone is able to. The user "Atlas" told me I was banned for using tracks from some kind of 200cc pack, which is not the case, yet it apparently appeared in the logs that it was the case. The only track changes I had simply modified some lighting files. What it seems like to me is that something fairly recently changed in the server is causing the server to report a false positive. The reason I say fairly recently is because around a year or so ago I used the exact same tracks with modified lighting files and I never had any issues with being banned. If this is the case, then an easy fix would just be to use completely default tracks, but there shouldn't be an issue with using courses with just lighting modifications, right? I'm willing to work with anyone on this, even sending someone my exact modifications to check it themselves if necessary.


      That would probably be a good idea.

      As of a couple months ago, the server knows what track you are playing. And if you got banned for using a 200cc pack, then that most likely means you used a 200cc track, knowingly or unknowingly.

      If you only changed lighting in the tracks, the track would show up as unknown track. It only shows up as 200cc pack in the moderator view when that exact track file is from a 200cc pack.

      So if you got banned for using a 200cc pack but you claim you didn't use one, send me the track(s) you use and I'll check them.

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      hola a todos, mi pregunta es porque no puedo entrar a wiimmfi?, me da este error al entrar y algunos usuarios dicen que significa baneo, porque tengo este error y como se soluciona?
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      Fesstaworld wrote:


      Hi all, my question is why am I unable to connect to Wiimmfi? I'm getting this error and someone told me that it is a ban. Why am I getting this error and what can I do to fix it?
      Yep. That code means you're banned.
      Maybe a moderator could check your Friendcode to see why you got banned.

      Also since you speak spanish, I'll leave the answer in spanish aswell:

      Sí. Ese error significa que te han baneado. Algo debiste haber hecho para que te banearan. Quizás algún moderador por aquí pueda checkear tu codigo de amigo para ver la razón del baneo
      My english is bad... Sorry for that :wacko:


      Fesstaworld wrote:

      hola a todos, mi pregunta es porque no puedo entrar a wiimmfi?, me da este error al entrar y algunos usuarios dicen que significa baneo, porque tengo este error y como se soluciona?
      The reason you were banned is because you were permanently banned a while ago (Hey Neptune777 btw). the top right of images 3-5 show that it is Neptune777 because the google account is his YouTube account pic.


      Player in this match I'm convinced was intentionally losing. In normal gameplay, they may just seem like a player that's just really bad, but, they have

      • Consistently fallen a lap behind, in just about every match I've played, if I'm not mistaken
      • Stops on BC3 in this video to troll others who are a lap ahead
      • has 28XX vr now, and counting (down)
      • Tries to take the BC3 cut. If you're a very inexperienced player who keeps falling a lap behind, chances are, you won't attempt to take the BC3 cut. This one did.