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      @XILE*TWD98 If you accidentaly go online with any kind of illegal mods (or even cheats) and immediately turn off your console, there is basically 0 chance that you will get a ban for it. Unless you spam shocks in the 1st few seconds of a race, thus interacting and annoying other racers, and then DC, nothing will happen.


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      hi, im Andy i have carpal tunnel syndrome which basically limits my hand movement. I've dealt with this for about 2 years and started to play Mario Kart Wii with Wiimmfi about a year ago, i've basically lost races due to my disability and got false banned for trying to reach 1 vr, which i wasn't i was losing races due to my limited movement. I've contacted Zach and Atlas and Zach has tried to help out but he directed me to Atlas, Atlas told me to use another account which i did, but i feared i would lose all of my achievements so i decided to get back on the other account. I still kept losing races but I was having fun, until recently, i got banned again and they think i was lying. They said "Not falling for your bullshit" which hurt my feelings a little, I can't get into contact with Atlas anymore as he never responds but i was told by Zach to come to this forum. My friend code is 0864-9984-6546, i don't know what else to do as i want to pass time especially during these times, If i can get help that would be great. I no longer use the permamently banned account and started to use another one, but i cant get into wiimmfi as i am given the error code 23917.