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      Earlier today I was watching my younger brother play on Wimmfi. All was well until a user by the name of lucho(star) started getting a bit too many items. It sealed my conclusion that he was hacking once he started getting constant Super Stars while being in first place. I would like to report this so Wimmfi can continue to stay fun for everyone. ^^


      @ToadOnTheStool I'm sorry but you need the players friend code and video proof of the incident. The friend code can be obtained from this page when the player you are trying to report is online.
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      Name:funny mii
      Reason: use replaced track for game win

      race start 3:39 and 7:44

      He destroyed a good room with a replaced track :(
      Since there is a texture hack track, it may not be possible to regulate replaced or illegal tracks.but Is there any countermeasures?
      (so yes I also love Texture Hack Track. Courses such as the Maple Treeway at night are very attractive and I don't want them regulated..)

      It does not make sense if the IIB is also set in a time zone where goals can be reached. It worked for some races but was meaningless for many...

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