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      hi guys, i got banned for 4 weeks for “cheating on a competition”. However what actually happened is that i was playing variety pack mission mode level 1-1 and i forgot that it uploads the time to the leaderboards for competitions, as i hadn’t played variety for a while. it was an honest mistake, and i would like a less severe or no ban at all, as i wasn’t actually trying to cheat.
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      Name: lιllγ
      FC: 2754-7903-7252

      Match AL142
      Worldwide room TL74
      Datetime: 2020-12-05 23:30 CET


      I was on CTGP and playing Worldwides with my friend who was using a wiimmfi-patched iso on Dolphin. This user voted for a custom track, somehow, and won. I and a few others loaded into the cutsom track while my friend who didn't have any custom tracks on their disk image was simply stuck, before finally being disconnected several minutes later. After they disconnected, the race began for those of us with the custom track.

      The video I'm including as evidence is quite long, but most of it is just me waiting at the start line of the track or playing the race; however, I included the whole thing so that you could see that the mii associated with the name "lιllγ" on the results screen is the same mii who voted for the track in the first place. I also included the very end of the previous race to show that it really was a regular worldwides room, not a CTWW room, though I know you can also get that info from the links. All you really need to see is the vote at about 0:56 and the results screen at 8:03 to compare the mii who voted for Desert Castle Raceway with the mii that has the name "lιllγ". Everything in between just proves I didn't cut to a different video.
      Friend code: 0521-4043-1164 (hopefully this is still the friend code in the database).

      Old post: Some errors. I actually typed in all of this for my post on a different program, but every time I copied and pasted it on this site, my text didn’t match.

      Hello Wiimmfi team. I am here today to make a confession with my cheating in Mario Kart Wii. What you read here is what I can remember at most of the wrongdoings I’ve done.

      Back in 2018 or maybe earlier, I obtained a copy of Mario Kart Wii. I mainly played it offline. Of course, I began to get bored and wanted to play online. There in worldwide mode, I was inspired by a few players who were hackers and I thought it would be cool to follow behind them, which...wasn’t a good idea. If I can remember I used basically speed hacks, instant drift, gold mushroom forever, lighting doesn’t shrink you, infinity star power, all of the stuff basically that you can be invincible with. I probably used more hacks besides this but that’s all I could remember from that point. I can admit too that the game would sometimes crash with these codes.

      After all of that, you guys released a new update and a anti-ban system for your server. Like any other hackers, they would either continue and try to hack, or just stop hacking after that to avoid any kind of trouble. I will admit too that I probably hacked a little more after that. Later on, most of my time spent was on Brawl Wiimmfi: my real enjoyment with other people online rather than Mario Kart Wii. I do suck at the game so why play it? If I can’t be better at the game then what was the point of cheating? Heck, could’ve stayed offline for all of this!

      At that point, I deleted the game off of my files. I didn’t think it wasn’t important or necessary to play the game if all I do is cheat. Finally on March of 2020 (probably that month), I asked my past friend if I could see how good he is in Mario Kart Wii. The only reason I came back to this game is because he’s a good speedrunner at this game and I thought I had a chance to beat him. He agreed to play with me, I added his friend code, joined his room. I did go afk for a few seconds or more and then I came back to my screen, to see 23917.

      Overall, I want to say that I’m truly sorry for the extra trouble I’ve added to this Wiimmfi service with that game in mind. I should’ve kept playing the game normally at least or not be so curious and try to be like other people, or not play the game at all if I’m not good at it. But I didn’t care and didn’t take the game seriously, nor the people that were around me to play this game online. I’ve put them at risk of bricking their console because of my greed. I came to realization on the long run how hacking can affect other people. I don’t know if their console is bricked because of me, but I will say this. I will not cheat again and I PROMISE this. I already miss playing with other people on Brawl because of my stupidity... If you guys feel to give me a second chance, I will appreciate it more than ever and use Wiimmfi as it’s intended to be used appropriately and NOT for cheating. I hope you guys understand. Again, I am truly sorry.

      EDIT: Thank you guys. I will take online more seriously than ever. I appreciate this!

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      Clearly you're having *some sort of lag issue*, maybe your Internet is being laggy :p
      Also, you're only getting a 3 minute ban, it's not exactly like a 2 week ban.
      I currently host the DLS1, GAMESTATS, and Peerchat server for Wiimmfi. if you have any issues with leaderboards (excluding MKW!), Mystery Gifts or other in-game downloadables, or Pokémon Wi-Fi Plaza, I can try to help! :P

      Christopher Villalta wrote:

      Hello,I have a ban code 23917 and my ban doesn't even appear on the page.
      fc: 4429-8278-3010
      what happened?
      if the ban doesn't show on the bans page that means you were a repeat offender of something (aka you did it so many times to the points were mods think you should know what you did). I believe this is most common with Ban circumvention (after the first time doing it) because you should know what you did wrong if you get 23917. Then again I have no idea what you did because I am not a mod or anything like that.
      Du wurdest gebannt für einen unakzeptablen Mii-Namen, aber nur für 3 Minuten. Bitte nimm nen anderen Mii-Namen und dann solltest du auch schon wieder online kommen.

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      Christopher Villalta wrote:

      Hello,I have a ban code 23917 and my ban doesn't even appear on the page.
      fc: 4429-8278-3010
      what happened?
      You've been banned 2 days ago for item cheating.

      DevkitPro Archiv (alte Versionen / old versions):
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      As we discussed on Discord, the actual ban is for ban circumvention and the video footage is old footage from the first ban. You know this, so stop pretending like you don't. I said you could appeal the ban, but appealing does not mean to play dumb to try to either seem more innocent or attempt to confuse the issue.

      Remember: The moderators ban you, not your console. It doesn't matter if your new console didn't cheat. You were recognised by a moderator and got banned again, and that's all there is to it.