Wiimms MKW Fun Community Chat on Skype

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      Wiimms MKW Fun Community Chat on Skype

      Wiimms MKW Fun Community Chat

      @datraptor and I decided to start a Skypegroup for Wiimms MKW Fun to set up regional meetings and funrooms for the endless hours between the weekly tournaments (So this will not replace the use of Teamspeak while our tournaments).
      I think having a Skypechat has some advantages:

      - A lot people from the other CT distributions are using Skypegroups for their matchmaking, so it's easy for them to switch between distributions using only one communication programm.
      - Its better for making up matches then this board cause of instant answering.
      - We talk in english in the Skypechat so more people can participate
      - We already got a small network of players on Skype

      We also can help with patching images or riivolution files (as this seems to be a VERY BIG problem, that holds back people from playing MKW Fun) and may share already patched riivolution folders.

      If you want to be added just add me on Skype (Sucht93a / kammer3000) or reply to this post.

      See you in the Chamber,
      Mario Kart Wii Friendcode:
      5460-6092-2743 (OpenHost)

      Distributions I play regularly:
      Wiimms Mario Kart Fun | CTGP-Revolution | Hack Pack v3 | Mario Kart Wii

      Custom Tracks by me:
      List of my Custom Tracks

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