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    So I was thinking about something yesterday and i thought of this

    so lets say its a regular worldwide and its filled with people without ignorance is bliss, people with iib and dolphin users. but then a hacker or glitcher and ruins the game for the none iib users and dolphin users

    Well that's where the MKW police come in! their job is to use certain cheats to help the legit players and stop the hackers and glitchers

    they help the legits by
    -giving them the tc glitch
    -handing out free stars / mushrooms
    -giving them free vr

    and stop the glitchers/hackers by
    -pwning them
    -blocking areas to prevent them glitching
    -freeze them (not recommended due to it freezing the legits as well)

    things the mkw police should do
    -use high vr (9999vr is good)
    -avoid the legits
    -help the legits as well

    things the mkw police should NOT DO
    -use their hax to win
    -use hax when no one is hacking or glitching
    -pwn or freeze trolls (as it is harder to identify if they're trolling or just really bad at the game)
    -use always come first or low vr

    recommended codes for the mkw police
    no dc
    drop star or mushroom
    an item wheel hack
    don't lose vr when disconnected
    write char. offset
    no drop items freeze
    master button activator wiimote
    clear current item
    vr hax to set vr to 9999 and stay there

    i thought of this to make non iib / dolphin players have a better time when playing mkwii

    it is an idea and i hope it gets used. pls tell the wii-homebrew and wiimmfi moderators about this.

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    "Don't criticise" Don't criticise a bad idea? Why not?
    Codes for advantage on Wiimmfi are banned. SIMPLE.
    I currently host the DLS1, GAMESTATS, and Peerchat server for Wiimmfi. if you have any issues with leaderboards (excluding MKW!), Mystery Gifts or other in-game downloadables, or Pokémon Wi-Fi Plaza, I can try to help! :P