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      Hello everyone. I'm Huili aka Huiligou, PJ, Phil feel free to call me any of those names.

      A little bit about myself:

      I got Mario Kart Wii in 2013, played CTGP 1.02 for a bit, then came CTGP 1.03. I immersed myself in learning about the many custom tracks inside and outside of the Custom Mario Kart Wiiki. My first custom track pack I made was the Pro CT Pack, which is now officially owned by @aplumafreak500

      After that, I started work after Wiimmfi was made on another project that I'm more known more, called the MKW Hack Pack. It used to be an assortment of custom and texture hacked tracks, but now is strictly a custom tracks only pack, with updates still being made to it. I wanted to do this because a lot of custom tracks, I feel, don't get represented a whole lot, so this is my way of thanking the MKW community for all the amazing discoveries along the way.

      Also, I have no idea how active I will be on here, since I have many projects and irl things to do, but I enjoy modding and I hope to make some contributions on this chat. If you need me for anything, my Discord is Huili#1890. I'm usually on there.

      Thank you! ~Huili Gou