USB Audio

    • Solved
      I know this is a pretty weird request, but I am trying to connect a dell AC511 soundbar to my TV. I would like to power it using my Wii. The soundbar has a 3.5mm line in (from the TV) and a USB cable for power. Unfortunately, it's too smart for its own good. The soundbar has a volume knob, which can adjust a computer's audio volume. The soundbar will not play any audio if the USB cable is not plugged into a computer's USB port. The port on my TV, Switch, and Wii all don't serve, even though they provide enough power.

      I believe any device that can support a USB keyboard with volume controls will work. I read a report of someone getting it to work with a PS4.

      Any ideas for homebrew hacks that will allow my Wii to work with this soundbar?