Backup Nintendo DS games

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      Backup Nintendo DS games


      I recently started shiny hunting on Pokémon Platinum, and for reseting Darkrai I need an event item. I don't have the Action Replay, so I thought I could edit my Pokémon Save with a software like Pkhexx, and giving me the item.

      I tested two differents cia :

      JK's save manager : This CIA can't support DS games

      TWL saves tool : This CIA can't support Pokémon Platinium, it's says :

      "Unsupported save files type: It is possible this game doesn't store any save data."

      While searching on the Internet, I saw that it was a problem coming from the CIA, which can not read some games.

      Also, I tried with Sonic Rush Adventure and New SMB, and it's working.

      Here's my question : There is an another way to create a backup of a DS game ?

      Thanks in advance, and sorry if I posted my message in a wrong place ( because I see only German threads )
      Yes, there are ways. The best way is to compare a original and the (potentially) fake cart side by side. Theoretically it should be a defintive proof to compare the boards, but most people do not want to open their ds games.

      I've also found a YouTube video about this topic.

      Tbh, I am not sure if that is the problem because I don't use any save manager. If the cart is just not supported yet by any software, then you could also dump the save with a special usb device.