Unfair ban

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      Ok, I'll start my story, first of all I was banned from dolphin, for use of vr hacks first for 1 week then for 2, then for 4, and finally permanently, when I did not use any hack, I got a bug extra, or that was in battle gave me DC and when I had 1 BR, I wanted to fix it but I could not, in the end I went to an American iso to avoid more problems, and what happened was the following: not long ago I played in dolphin but I did not go to 60fps and I had banned 24 hours, so I decided to buy a wii, with original mkwii disk, and I admit that hacke 1 time in the wii with item hacks and I was banned 2 weeks for that, wait for the 2 weeks since I do not know any method to unban, when the 2 weeks passed I decided to eliminate my item hack, and normally play and so it was until recently that some friends came to my house and played in the dolphin without me knowing it, in my 1br account, until he gave four weeks first, then ban permanent but in dolphin and my console wii, that happened 5 days ago, after that I spend 1 hour, and I was unbalanced and all right, I could go to ww and there was no problem, until recently I was banned again and I do not know why, I was in a ctgp game and I get out and then the typical error 23917, check on the ban page, and I was not, turn off my modem 7 minutes and came back but can not find anyone in the world, NO ONE, and I think it was unfair , My FC is 0779-0974-4995, please I want an answer, and a desban, I did not do anything and what I did already fulfilled my time of punishment, thanks and good afternoon

      There is no proof that your friends you mention actually exist, as this is a common story that anyone can use to get them unbanned (some years ago, someone on here used the excuse that their sister got them banned). And you also admitted that you used cheats the first time, so there’s hardly any chance for unban, sorry. You need a new console to be completely unbanned.
      okok, As a moderator you recommend me ?, the console is not banned, I can enter but simply can not find players, a friend like it happens and he does not use hacks, what do you recommend us to do? How do I moderate now I can not give myself the freedom to buy another Wii since I am not a millionaire, any solution that you can give me? I just want advice, thanks!