A Quick Fix To A Problem On Dolphin When Running Wiimms MKW Fun 2018-06 For MKWii

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      A Quick Fix To A Problem On Dolphin When Running Wiimms MKW Fun 2018-06 For MKWii

      Hey, everybody. :thumbup:

      Wiimms MKW Fun is a neat little custom track pack that works on Dolphin.

      Since you can't emulate CTGP-Revolution on Dolphin as of now, Wiimms MKW Fun is a great alternative for Dolphin users.

      By the way, have you Dolphin users ever started up the latest version (2018-06) of Wiimms MKW Fun and you see "Fehler beim Laden" at the start? :help:

      Well, that's obviously an error, because I had that up when I ran it in Dolphin. I got to the course selection and it was all messed up. I couldn't select any custom tracks. :cursing:

      After a day of trying to fix the patched ISO, I found a quick and easy fix. :thumbsup:

      Download Wiimms MKW Fun 2018-06 and extract the files to an empty folder, like "mkw_fun_2018-06_working" for example.

      Download Wiimms MKW Fun 2018-03 and extract all of the files except for the "patch.tar" file.

      After you patch your MKWii ISO, when you run it in Dolphin, it works like a charm. 8)

      I don't know if this is a problem for anybody, or if anybody knows about the problem. Maybe this is just an alternate fix I accidentally made up, but I just felt like helping out everybody out there who emulates the Wii who also has the same problem.

      I hope that this fix helps you. :happy:

      If you want to play MKWii with me, my friend code is 5331-7630-1155 and my Mii name is Berserka.

      I'd be more than happy if you'd leave your friend code in the reply section below. Maybe we can play some custom tracks together. :D

      Otherwise, just give me some feedback on my fix.

      Have a great day, and happy emulating.