Hello! ACWW player here!

      Hello! ACWW player here!

      Hi guys! I mostly just decided to pop by here to see if I could find any potential friends to play ACWW with - it seems that it's a small community now and players are elusive! I just started a new town and have managed to connect to Wiimmfi and get issued a friend code.

      Thank you for having me!
      I'm not those guys, but I got Wild World about two weeks ago and it's a simple matter to get it talking on Wiimmfi.

      First, delete all saved internet connections on the DS system you have. You can do this with nearly any Wi-Fi enabled game. The one I use to do this the easiest is Mario Kart DS, as you can directly access your saved Wi-Fi connections from the main menu.

      Set up a new Wi-Fi connection. There are a few things you need to know here. First, know that the Nintendo DS can only accept 802.11a,b,g signals. It cannot do 802.11n or 802.11ac. Second, know that the Nintendo DS and DS Lite cannot use WPA encryption of any kind. The only encryption standard it can use is WAP, which is easily broken today. You can also use an unencrypted wi-fi, but nobody recommends doing that. So if you're using WPA2 encryption for your wi-fi in your house (which you should be), it's not going to work. The Nintendo DSi and the Nintendo 3DS can handle WPA, if I'm not mistaken. Someone will have to verify that for me. I think the 3DS uses the DSi connection settings.
      So you will need to have a compatible Wi-Fi to be able to handle the DS. I have an old Wi-fi router from 2006 that I use for this specific purpose and I only plug it in when I want to use on-line play on my DS. At all other times, it's unplugged so nobody can use it to hack my home network or steal internet service.

      When you are setting up this Wi-Fi connection on your DS, you have to input a static DNS entry - you can't let it get DNS service from your router, because that won't work.
      Primary DNS:
      Secondary DNS:
      These settings work just fine for me.

      And finally, you also cannot have any Friend Codes on your system from another network, including Nintendo's original servers. If you have any friend codes, I suggest you delete them in your games BEFORE you try to connect to Wiimmfi, otherwise you'll crap out when it attempts to validate all those codes and kick you back out. I had ONE friend code saved on Mario Kart DS and it kept crashing my game. Once I deleted that code, Mario Kart DS works just fine and I've even played (and got my butt whipped) a couple different times since. I also had this problem with Pokémon HeartGold. I tried to enter the plaza and got a 7xxxx error code, which is the system telling me it couldn't validate my friend codes. Once I cleared my Pal Pad, I was able to enter the Plaza just fine with no problems.

      Using all of this knowledge, I was able to successfully visit someone else's town twice in Wild World and also have a couple of visitors to my town, though there's not much to do in the game.


      PS, my friend code for Wild World is 4945-2212-2366, name is RetroGuy, and my town name is Leafton.