Error 20100 complication

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      Error 20100 complication


      I am quite new to all of this, so bear with me if I miss an important step. I first started out installing the Homebrew channel for my Wii console where I later installed Configurable USB Loader which makes it able for me to play my games without using the discs anymore. If more information is needed about my Config to fix this problem, I'll be more than happy to explain.

      But besides from all that, I use the loader to launch Mario Karts Wii. Obviously, when I try to connect to Nintendo services, it doesn't work due to the shutdown. I then discovered Mr.Beans youtube video explaining how to use this new online service called Wiimmfi. The method first explained how to install the patch using a site available on the internet channel though you must use a disc. Eventually, I found out how to install the patch with my game file itself through my pc so that I would be able to play MK on the loader. Everything worked fine and I was able to launch my game with the "custom" connection service displayed in game. When I tried to connect to the service, it gives me an error 20100. After researching more about this error and reading through old posts, I learned that it has to do with my internet connection.

      I tried almost all recommendations including updating my Wii system and restarting everything to internet connection. The internet I have is in absolute good condition with Fiber, so I know that could not possibly be the reason for my error. But something that caught my attention was when I launch the internet app from homescreen, I am not able to browse through anything on the outdated browser, that includes simply looking up "google" in the search engine. It would instead give me 2 errors: Fatal service error (70), and the secure site error for nothing is certified. But the only site that works would be the site provided in the youtube video Mr.Bean has... ( I first thought it must be the router but with hours of even testing of simple google ping IP locations, nothing worked. It would just load the page for 4-5 minutes and then give me the error.

      I`m not sure if the internet channel issue is connected with the error code 20100, but was wondering if anyone else in the community has experienced this problem. I am of course willing to provide any more necessary information to help fix such a problem. Any help is appreciated and welcomed.

      Couple of questions I also have regarding the Wiimmfi service is if there is any way or channel to test my ping to the server?

      Also, does it matter if I use different cIOS loaders to launch the game (d2x, m222load, ect) and does any effect on internet connections established on the game?

      Thank you!