Nintendo Wifi USB Adapter Question/Frage (ENG)

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      Nintendo Wifi USB Adapter Question/Frage (ENG)

      My internet network does not support DS and I am considering getting the Nintendo WiFi USB Adapter so I can go online, but how does it work, and does it work with Wiimmfi? Worst case scenario it will work with a 3DS while travelling.

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      Mein Internet-Netzwerk unterstützt DS nicht und ich erwäge, den Nintendo WiFi USB-Adapter zu erwerben, damit ich online gehen kann. Aber wie funktioniert es und funktioniert es mit Wiimmfi? Im schlimmsten Fall funktioniert es mit einem 3DS auf Reisen
      I don't think that's a good idea. That USB adapter is a pretty old piece of hardware, and if I remember correctly, it only has drivers for Windows XP. It might work on Vista, but it doesn't work on Windows 7 / Windows 10.

      It'd probably be easier to buy a cheap Access Point that supports WEP.

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      As far as i remember you cant input a custom DNS either, so you wont be able to connect to really about anything anymore. (It works under 32-bit windows 7 still from when i used it years ago).
      You do have many options though, for example the RPI solution Mega Man stated, with Windows 7 (not sure if 10 supports this) you can use another Wifi adapter and make a hotspot (unprotected but you might be able to set up a MAC filter), Or you could use a MAC filtered Guest network with no pin if your router supports this.
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