Disconnecting on MKWii

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      Disconnecting on MKWii

      So I've recently been getting back into mkwii. So after updating ctgp I went to go online and when i went on wiimmfi it would connect in the lobby but either before, in the middle, or right at the end of the race it would disconnect me. This kept happening so I went to change my internet but my wii was semi-bricked so i fixed that. I went to go back onto wiimmfi and I got to play 1 race fully before disconnecting. I've tried playing on ctgp, wiimmfi patched iso's, and through the internet channel method and it keeps happening. I wanna know if I'm banned for any reason or any reason or is it something with my wii? I'm getting the error code 91010 if that helps at all. Thank you in advanced.
      If you get 91010 randomly during races, you either have been kicked by a moderator (in that case there would be an entry on wiimmfi.de/show-bans ), or you have a bad internet connection. If you were banned, you wouldn't get kicked randomly. You wouldn't even be able to connect. Also, the method you use to connect to Wiimmfi is irrelevant for that. Most likely it's your internet connection.

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      I had the same problem for a very long time and tried everything i read online to fix it but nothing worked. So i figured it must be because of my router. Bought a new router and it worked fine.
      So my advice: Try some solutions you find online and if nothing works, think about getting a new, better router.

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