No longer able to connect through Wiimmfi

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      No longer able to connect through Wiimmfi

      So I had to get a new router, and I configured everything the exact same way. (I use DD-WRT, so ya, the configuration is exactly the same as the previous router)
      Now, whenever I try to connect online with DS games, I get the error code 52100.
      I know that is a DNS error, however there shouldn't be a reason for that as nothing changed in terms of my system, and the router has the same settings across the board.
      My Wii connects just fine.
      For DS games, my DNS settings are for and

      Any help is appreciated.
      With the move to a new server, the DNS has also changed:

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      USB Loader + Storage:USB Loader GX (1.0.x), uLoader 5.1, cfg USB Loader, Neogamma / ohne was not the old IP of Wiimmfi, so you were connecting to the RiiConnect24 proxy server for DS games, that IP should still be correct. However, I have no idea why you'd get errors with that DNS. Maybe RiiConnect24 currently has server issues?

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      Got mine fixed. Had to pull an old router out and set up a connection just for the DS. I guess something in the newer software of routers is not supported.
      I was forced to use an older version of DD-WRT on the old router because of other issues, loading my old router up with an older version of DD-WRT allows the connection.
      If anyone needs the info, I need to run build 39296.