USB LOader GX just throws me back to homescreen

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      USB LOader GX just throws me back to homescreen

      Hi all.

      New here.

      So quick back story

      I have far too many children and had soft modded my Wii about ten years ago and it worked great.

      It ended up in a closet for the last 4 years or so for whatever reason.

      Kids brought it out to start using it again during this whole lockdown stuff and dropped the harddrive I had all the games on and broke the harddrive.

      OK no problem I have another harddrive and had all my WBFS games backed up.

      I formatted a 30 gig partition on a 1TB harddrive, formatted that partition as FAT32 and used WIIBackupManager to tranfer games onto it creating a WBFS folder with WBM.

      PLug the Drive in and fire up the Wii and click USB Loader GX and it starts then shows about 16 images of the wii logo and throws me back to the homescreen.

      My question is should I just start the entire softmod procedure over or is it a quick fix to try to update usbloaderGX or could it be not reading from the USB slot?

      Do you have the USB Loader on the hard drive or SD card?

      If the channel in the Wii menu just brings you back to the Wii menu, then it's a so-called forwarder channel. These are like links, the channel doesn't actually contain the USB Loader, it just tells the Wii to load it from SD/USB. Then when that isn't present, it'll just return.

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