Custom Street Map Manager - An app designed to facilitate custom content for Fortune Street Wii

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      Custom Street Map Manager - An app designed to facilitate custom content for Fortune Street Wii

      Custom Street Map Manager, or CSMM, is a simple app for Windows that lets you easily patch Fortune Street in various ways. It's effectively a front-end for Wiimms ISO Tools that was designed specifically for Fortune/Boom Street. It makes loading custom boards, patching the game to run over Wiimmfi, and applying Deflaktor's ASM Hacks** much simpler. It should run on any Windows PC newer than XP SP3.

      Screenshot of the app itself
      Screenshot of the UI updates that get applied when patching to Wiimmfi
      Download 0.94 Full (31.2MB, .zip, includes thumbnails for all included maps)
      Download 0.94 Lite (8.0MB, .zip, does not include map thumbnails)
      Project Page
      Deflaktor's GameFAQs thread containing discussion of the open-source map editor that is available for the game, Fortune Avenue, as well as further discussion of custom content for Fortune Street.

      So what does Deflaktor's ASM hacks do? It's effectively a balance patch. Here are the patch notes:
      • Stopping at the Stockbroker now lets you buy stocks at 10% below market value
      • Stopping at an Estate Agency you own lets you increase the value of one of your shops by 50%
      • 3 Star Shop value/price changed from 1000/200 to 500/100
      • Price of stopping at someone else's Home changed from 30 per level to 100 per level
      • Taxation percentage when stopping at someone else's Tax Office changed from 10% to 5%
      • Circus Tent prices changed from 100/500/1000/2000 to 100/400/1200/2400
      Finally, feel free to let me know if you run into any issues with the app, have any feedback, or would like to play some games online sometime!

      **(The ASM hacks currently only work with the PAL version, Boom Street. Everything else in the app is compatible with the NTSC version though.)

      The post was edited 7 times, last by nikkums: Edit May 26, 2020: Program update to 0.94: bugfixes, new maps, and map thumbnails added. See the linked project page for specific changelog. ().