[TuT] [English] How to dump and convert an eShop Wii game into an ISO for Dolphin.

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      [TuT] [English] How to dump and convert an eShop Wii game into an ISO for Dolphin.

      I have yet to see any tutorials on the topic yet, and since i have the know-how i thought i would do the honors of informing the public.

      This guide assumes you are using a Windows PC.

      As some of you may know, Nintendo re-released some retail Wii games digitally on the Wii U eShop under the Virtual Console section, each game costs 20 USD last time i checked (plus any applicable taxes) and is downloaded directly onto the system. For some games this is actually the cheapest way to obtain them (Metroid Prime Trilogy is a good example of this, used copies sell for WAY more than what the game is on the eShop).

      But as some of you also may know, these games are a pain to dump (DDD crashes and the FTP method can't read the files) but for the lucky few that actually got it to work you may have noticed the game files are stored in this weird ".NFS" format, this format is similar to WBFS, in that it contains multiple parts of the game data in separate files, but Dolphin can't read the NFS format nativity.

      (If you are having problems getting the NFS files to dump, try Dumpling) EDIT: I've been informed that Dumpling cannot dump the NFS files (but you should still use it over the other methods when possible for dumping regular games, it's much easier to use). Instead, you'll need to use the Wii U NAND Dumper and dump the entire MLC in order to correctly dump these files.

      Note: You'll need an SD card with at least 16GB or 32GB of free space depending on which model of the Wii U you have (16 for the white, 32 for the black "deluxe" model).

      Then, use the WFS extract tool to extract the MLC dump. Your games will be found under usr > title in the MLC folder. Note: your MLC dump may be split into multiple files, you can merge them by running the following command in a command line window in the same directory as the MLC part files: copy /b mlc.bin.part?? mlc.full.bin

      Now that you have the NFS files, you'll have to convert it into an ISO image for Dolphin to be able to run the dump.

      This is possible using a tool known as nfs2iso2nfs.

      The tool is pretty self-explanatory, it allows you to decrypt the NFS files back into an ISO image, the only problem is, the program requires the Wii Common Key (not the Wii U Common Key). I cannot tell you where to obtain this (other than from your own console) as sharing it is illegal, but once you have it create a new text document and name it "wii_common_key" (without the quotation marks) and paste the key's value into the file, then save it as a .bin file. Now run the program and it should start doing it's thing, this might take a while depending on the size of the game. At the end, you'll end up with a file named "game.iso". Congratulations, you have successfully converted the game into a format Dolphin can understand.

      Side-note, these versions of the games have the Update partition removed from them since they are redundant (due to the Wii U shipping with the latest firmware for Wii mode), so Dolphin will complain about that in the Verify tab, but this won't effect anything.

      Have fun! ;)

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      Hello, I dumped my keys from my system and I don't think wfs-extract likes the format I have them in. Can you provide an example (not the exact keys, but use 0000s or ABC to demonstrate how the content of the file is to be formatted)? Thanks for the guide!

      Edit: I think my MLC dump may have dumped incorrectly, as there seems to be some issue with my mlc.bin.part02 file for some reason. It's strange since the NAND dumper did not return any errors. You are supposed to use the Wii U otp.bin with wfs-extract, right?

      Here's what my terminal says on Windows 10:
      c:\Users\[user]\Desktop>wfs-extract --input mlc.full.bin --output c:\users\[user]\desktop --otp otp.bin --mlc
      Error: Failed to dump folder ""

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