Suggestion for Games

      Suggestion for Games

      I’m looking for new games to play on Wii. I’m kind of specific in what I like but I’m looking for suggestions from those that have played the games. I have Super Mario Bro’s, Super Mario Bro’s Galaxy 1 & 2 and Epic Mickey 1. I really enjoy Super Mario Bro’s and I enjoyed Epic Mickey. Are there are other games I can look at purchasing.
      Or another gaming system that I can continue to play Super Mario Bro’s games.
      The homebrew mod "Newer super mario bros." could be interesting maybe, its completely free and you can patch it either using a usb loader (you need to dump your disc with it then patch the wbfs image you got out of the process) or riivolution (run it and insert the disc)

      some more titles of the mario franchise that could be interesting could be mario kart wii and mario party 8.
      and some first party titles such as "wii sports" and "wii sports resort" and "wii party" are classics you shouldnt miss out on.
      Ubisoft had also put great work into "Raving rabbids go home" a great collectathon/3d platformer in my opinion
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      I love all the Mario games on the wii. :) My favourite game is Super Mario Bros. But I also love Mario Kart. It such an classic game and it causes a lot of fun when you play it with some friends together. ;)

      I can further suggest you to play Mario Party 9. This game consists of many mini Mario games. It is a perfect game to play with friends or the family and have a few drinks. Together with four other players you can dive into the Mario world. I would suggest you to try it or to watch a trailer on youtube and get inspired. :)


      The New 2DS/3DS XL is also great because you can play games like Mario 3D world, Mario Maker 3DS, Mario Party: the top 100 and Mario Kart 7 on the go.
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