Bugs and crashes in LE-CODE distributions

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      Bugs and crashes in LE-CODE distributions

      Hi, I've been working on my custom track distribution with LE-CODE (amazing how you can get more than 300+ tracks and battle arenas working again), everything seemed to be pretty fine until I've noticed that the game bugs terribly when you choose "Random" or "In Order" in both VS Race and Battle modes (the game starts to pick the wrong courses). Also the game crashes for some reason every time you win the Banana and Lightning cups in Grand Prix. This is a weird case that only happens with these 2 cups in specific. I thought i was doing something wrong but then i tested the same in Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2020-06 and the same problems are there too. Are these problems possible to fix? i would appreciate your answer thank you. :blush:
      The fact that Random and In Order track selection is broken is already known, we didn't have time to search for a fix for that yet; so in the meantime you need to pick the tracks you want to play (or use the "Random" variant in the Wiimm cup).

      About the crash after the Banana and Lightning cup, that's the first time I hear about that. Can you send me a screenshot of the crash?

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      Thank you for answering Laseratte. Here are the crash screens I got after celebration screens of Banana and Lightning Cups

      Also i got this crash screen everytime I select Mii characters with P3 or P4 on Multiplayer, i thought this was fixed with LE-CODE

      I also noticed that the game is not fair when it comes to the random choices. For example

      T DC ; DC ; 0x02 ; "064"; "Wii Daisy Circuit"; ""
      H DC ; DC ; 0x04 ; "065"; "Wii Daisy Circuit (Original)"; ""
      H DC ; DC ; 0x04 ; "066"; "Wii Daisy Circuit (Morning)"; ""
      H DC ; DC ; 0x04 ; "067"; "Wii Daisy Circuit (Night)"; ""

      In this example i put these 3 tracks to be a random group, they should have the same probability to appear once the track is selected but unfortunely this doesn't work like that, in this case when i select this track in the game it always choose the original or the morning version. The night version has a pretty low chance to be selected (looks like 10% or something similar) this is sad since the tracks should have the same probability to be selected, and sometimes if i want to test the night version i have to retry a lot of times because it always choose the first two. this shouldn't be like that. It happens in random groups that have more than 3 variations for me, the game always choose 1 or 2 with high probability and the rest is very unlikely to be selected.

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      Please give us your lecode-XXX.bin files too.

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