Wii controller transporting Miis

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      Wii controller transporting Miis

      So when did they disable the way to transfer a Mii from Wii to Wii using your controller?
      My friend bought a Wii so he could play Mario Party, so I thought I would copy my Mii to his, but couldnt find the option on my Wii U, has it been disabled?
      Will it work if i Load up my old Wii?

      lilyh wrote:

      it works on wii not vwii i believe, i can check later
      I agree with you! As far as I know, you can transfer a Mii from one Wii to another without any problem, pressing the 1 + 2 button at the same time while placing the Mii from one Wii to another.
      Also, you can put your Miis from a Wii to a UWii, but you cannot transfer data from the UWii back to the Wii. The reason for that is that the UWii has a more advanced system with data which the Wii cannot read
      The wii mini is completely unable to transfer miis the normal way as well. SavegameManagerGX should help though with those cases where it wouldnt work.

      Also if you mean transferring a Mii from a wii to the WiiU's vWii and then into the actual WiiU side of it, you can't do that unless the mii was created on your console for some reason.

      It generally would be easier just to remake the mii though.
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