Wiimms Mario Kart Fun crashes at multiplayer race start

      Wiimms Mario Kart Fun crashes at multiplayer race start

      Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my post

      I'm attempting to play Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2020-06.v2 with some friends, and for the most part it works fine. However, occasionally the game will crash when a race is about to start. Whenever it crashes for one person, everyone's system crashes. There is usually an LE-Code Exception when this happens on the Wii (see below). On Dolphin, there is sometimes an LE-Code Exception and other times the screen just turns black.

      I tried a few experiments and it seems like this only happens when one particular person is in the Friend Room. The one that appears to be the problem is running Dolphin 5.0-12716 on Mac Catalina. (As a note, other people with the same OS and Dolphin version don't have the same problem).

      I'm going to keep looking into this to see if there is any difference that could be causing the problem, and if I figure anything else out I'll add it to this thread. But I don't really know what I'm doing so if anyone has any suggestions for what could be going wrong or what to check, any help would be much appreciated!

      Attached is a picture of one of the LE-Code Exceptions that's occurred. Unfortunately I haven't kept track to see if it's the same exception every time but if it happens again I'll check.
      • img.png

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      - When this person is in the room, does it crash for every player or just for them?
      - Is it always the same track, or does it happen with different tracks?
      - When it happens again can you please make screenshots of both the first and second page of the exception? You should be able to scroll down with the Wiimote D-Pad.

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      We played both versions of Wario Shipyard many times without any problems.

      HBWillison wrote:

      this only happens when one particular person is in the Friend Room.
      Does that one person use a corrupted image?

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      Wiimm wrote:

      We played both versions of Wario Shipyard many times without any problems.
      We tried some more tracks and it does not seem to have anything to do with Wario Shipyard, or any particular track.

      Wiimm wrote:

      Does that one person use a corrupted image?
      I thought the same thing, but checksum of the .wbfs files matches mine, and mine appears to be working just fine. Used SHA-1 checksums.

      Leseratte wrote:

      When it happens again can you please make screenshots of both the first and second page of the exception?
      I got both pages this time. On Dolphin there is a read error first, followed by the exception. (Obviously there is no read error on Wii.)
      • dolphin read error.png

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      I still haven't figured anything out, but we're both going to update to the latest Wiimms Mario Kart Fun version (2020-12). Since the person whose system appears to be causing the problem uses Dolphin, she will also update to the latest Dolphin Beta (5.0-13178).

      I don't have my original Mario Kart dump so I made a new one, using Configurable USB Loader via Homebrew Channel. I'd like to verify the dump if possible; does anyone have checksums for a clean/unpatched Mario Kart Wii .wbfs file?

      I took checksums of my file with the MacOS Terminal and again with Dolphin:
      (Dolphin) CRC32: e9ee4b6e
      (Dolphin) SHA1: f670e8dad7cc271a615dbb9823c9283efb09ce4b
      (Dolphin) MD5: 8c48a79ae3b0f1b0822f60ed0acb78bf

      (Terminal) SHA1: b433415312b6a8d3d9697388131608b26b0c06cd
      (Terminal) MD5: a1bf6747e295770082d807c28132c842

      I can run the unpatched version just fine using the USB Loader I dumped it with, and also with Dolphin. I haven't tested the Mario Kart Fun image yet.

      Also checked the Friend Codes of everyone involved and no one has been banned.
      It's been a few months but we tried it again and, naturally, the same errors are still occurring.

      Person A hosts a friend room.
      Person B joins. It appears to work, but when the race starts both crash. Person B those LE exceptions attached earlier in the thread.

      Person C is friends with both but can't see that either is online. This is new and appears to be a different problem. But it could be related.

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      Possibly the last post in this thread: We appear to have solved the problem(s). As is so often the case, it turned out there were multiple overlapping problems causing a whole bunch of confusion and delaying the solution of any of them.

      Some Background:
      We decided to try updating to later versions of Dolphin. Up to then we'd been using the latest Betas, but we decided to try the latest Development version, which at the time had been released only a few hours ago. After updating, the LE-Code Exceptions stopped, as did the crashes. However, there continued to be problems with certain people being unable to host rooms without a crash, and with some people not being able to see each other even though they were registered as friends.

      We did a little more debugging and found out that some people were behind a firewall that were blocking certain types of connections. The people behind the firewall could join games, but if they hosted the incoming connections of other people trying to join would be blocked.

      We spent a little longer looking into why certain people couldn't see each other and that was simply a case of different Mario Kart Fun versions in use, which was quite easily amended. (As a note, this issue was introduced sometime during debugging, as to begin with everyone had the same version.)

      I'm still not exactly sure what was causing the crashes, but whatever it was has been fixed in more recent versions of Dolphin.
      Making sure everyone has the same game version and adjusting firewall settings as needed cleared up all other problems.