SDL image from disc/iso

      SDL image from disc/iso

      I have been working on a small port to wii (just for the controllers really) and I have managed to get it to build using these tutorials
      I go to package my elf into a iso also seems to be no problem
      throw it in dolphin and it works to my amazement
      the problem is using IMG_Load I cant find my image
      I have tried various paths from the root /..., the sd:/..., dvd:/... and I cannot find my image file
      I can extract my iso via wim EXTRACT and it has the image file in all the places I put it for testing
      Is there a special path to load from disc? Do I need to initialize something I have no clue!!!

      I even tried reading the directories via c code and I get a error opening the directories / and dvd:

      I am also having problems getting printf to print to the console with dolphin so I have to draw text to the screen makes it a bit more work for all the simple tests

      I did figure out that the disc is gcm so thats why any iso9660 attempts have been a waste.
      I am now trying to figure out how to make it iso9660 or to read a gcm file system

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