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  • Y.M -

    I am Japanese.
    When trying to connect to the wifi of Mario Sports Mix, error code 92070 came out and could not be connected.
    Yesterday I was able to connect, but suddenly I got an error code and again.
    Other Japanese Mario Sports Mix players are in the same situation.
    Is there a workaround?

  • Agentwii71 -

    I invite you to play games

    • Sepalani -

      Sorry, I don't have the time to play.

  • joseph -

    Hi play pes 2013 wii?

    • Sepalani -

      Sorry, I don't have the game nor the time to play.

    • joseph -


  • Sepalani -
    (I don't have any packet dumps and the ones from others are encrypted communications, so they're helpless).
    I was able to make progress because of Dolphin Debugger, Wiimmfi/Altwfc and my python SSL server.

    • Coolnez -

      Ah alright. Thanks for responding.

  • Coolnez -

    Hey, Just wondering, will work on the Monster Hunter Tri Special Server(s) ever continue? I've only found about the project recently and the progress so far to get pass the first login is awesome! (Mainly cause this game went down in 2013, so the fact that you were able to make it that far with just packet dumps from your wii in 2014-2016(?) is amazing!)

  • patou -

    I want new friend on animal crossing. Do you still play this game ?

    Name : Patou
    City : Olbia
    Friend code : 2196-4348-1692
    I play on a PAL version in France.

    Let me know if you add me and give me your friend code