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  • Luiszelaya450 -

    Can i send u a pic of his name and fc

    • KantoEpic -

      I already know his name. Just post it on the "About banning" thread and the mods will believe you.

  • ProjectUltraU -

    I think my youtube account was hacked and it posted this on your account WWTEpicFail:

    "Will all you guys stop trying to get more views please be quiet?"
    Google sent me an email because of this, and I got my password changed because of it.
    I didn't realize this until now because I haven't checked my email in approximately a month.
    I apologize.

    • KantoEpic -

      No biggie. I'm fine with that.

    • ProjectUltraU -

      Thank you! It's cool that google sends you emails every time someone uses your account from a different device.

    • KantoEpic -

      Yep! I get that all the time from my brother, because he has his email connected to my other devices.

  • Speedy/itsTGINL -

    Do you have 2 accounts?

  • Coolnez -

    Hey KantoEpic, If you wanna play mkwii with here's my FC: 3871-4720-7878
    And yes, i already added you.
    Note: Im Usually playing worldwides and i have a conversation with a few friends you can join, just tell me if you added me and i'll add ye to the conversation and give you a link

  • Speedy/itsTGINL -

    Do u play anything other than Winmfi?

  • Mrzackary -

    Do you want to keep life foe

  • Speedy/itsTGINL -

    Hey dude wanna play a quick game on MKWII?

  • Frost3227 -

    I just realised I'm in the same match as you right now x3