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  • BigA4Life23 -

    Hello, i created a conversation with you looking for some help with my friends wimmfi problem on Wii U. Hoping you can help. Thanks, your help is greatly appreciated.

  • eyemmtb -

    Hello Frost, I have been suspended on Wiimmfi for about 5-6 months now. I want to play Worldwide's with my friends, and do Altwfc, but i am suspended but i can't do that, I was Perma-banned in Feburary. I formatted my wii and got unbanned (somehow.), Please give me a second chance! I will not do anything stupid like troll or hack on wws again, my fc is 0349-5998-7767. Thanks for taking you're time to read this

    • Lycan -

      That is technically ban circumvention, and I can't do anything there for that, unfortunately.

  • thisisachannel -

    GGs in worldwide yesterday

    • Lycan -


  • Reboot -

    you're a fine fu- *COUGH* memer.

    • Lycan -

      Aha :P

  • Cody -

    ayye hunter xD

  • Speedy/itsTGINL -

    Add me on MKWii 0736-1458-8103

  • theagamer01 -

    hi Hunter :P

  • Dark Rainbow -