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  • alex the hedgehog -

    I'm back guys ! this is my new friend code on MK Wii 0263-7015-4268

    Ragazzi sono tornato ! questo è il mio nuovo codice amico di MK Wii 0263-7015-4268

  • billyhatcher643 -

    wanna add me to my mk wii

  • alex the hedgehog -

    In my life other modding Wii , Ps2 and PsP ; I can create fan animation(like super Mario bros. Z , Super Mario Bros. Heroes of the stars , Mario and Sonic World in Ranger, and many other) on YouTube if you are interested ;)
    The my fan animations are :
    -Alex Adventure
    -Random Fight
    (The info of this are in my Vlog 1 on YouTube)
    I hope to see more fans and to get fun ;)

  • alex the hedgehog -

    Hi I'm new here and I don't speak much the German