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  • Orange Luma -

    Hi Mr. Dennis; if you happen to read this then I added you to my friend roster. My FC is 0904-7876-7730 and I use the name Zelda. I hope to hear back from you and look forward to some friendly matches in the future!

  • malekmaroc7 -


  • ridikas1 -

    Hey, srry for not playing, I am now online, and If you want you can come. I think I will wait for an hour, and then go down. So, If you have Skype, invite me (laurynas200)

  • Dennisgameking -

    Send me a message if you are online and need someone to play with.

  • DuhhJohn -

    Just added you mine is 5199-0816-0706. Let's get some project m matches in. Got both WiFi safe and fullset

    • Dennisgameking -

      I appreciate that you've added me, but I have PAL, so I can't play PM

    • DuhhJohn -

      You could load a pre patched iso on your Wii with USB loader gx

  • Megaman64 -

    If you want, we can create a skype's group ?

  • Pokemaster467 -

    Ok I fixed the problem, I added ya

    • Dennisgameking -

      Nice... You have turned on the items ''final smash'' and ''pokeball''. Can you turn it off? Those items are not fair, do you understand?

  • Pokemaster467 -

    Added you too

  • Sylfare -

    Hello, I just added you on SSBB, my FC is 0864-9953-9547
    Thank you !

    • Dennisgameking -

      That's great. I will surely add you within 5 min.

  • Dennisgameking -

    I added you. If you need my code, it is 3656-7241-1833. I am online right now.

  • Dweekes21 -

    added you on ssbb add me FC- 2707-7808-7422