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  • XxTimothyxX123 -

    Hey Chaos :D

  • Andr3 ALTWFC -

    Hi Chaos wow 1 mushroom

    • Chaos-AltWFC -

      lol, i got that from posting so much

  • spongebobfan -

    i think its because u pissed off a mod and they get mad easily i cant dislike posts anymore because i abused it lol

  • Andr3 ALTWFC -

    Chaos Why do not you answer me anymore

    • Chaos-AltWFC -


    • Chaos-AltWFC -

      If you where talking about how i didnt answer you for 4 hours, that was because i was sleeping, you started messaging me at 6am...

  • Keeby64 -

    Hi. I didn't know you were on here. I finally got wiimmfi. I still have to wait a week until I can play MK Wii on wiimmfi, but if you want to play Brawl or City Folk with me, let me know.

    • Chaos-AltWFC -

      hi, nice, and i have to wait 3 days before i can play :P

    • Keeby64 -

      Alright. See you around.

  • No hack -

    hi I revisited it online Tag @ Mast @ who only used the star fortunately a race I first came second

  • malekmaroc7 -