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    Get Un band, Why a permanent. band. I like to play MKW The image I had was wrong. I real did mean to, And every time it happen I never choices the track. It was done random. I learn more and understand Would real like a new chances. And can't find One person to talk to. And resolve it. It been 3 or 4 months. And think been long enough. I know free services and just wish was a person I could talk to and maybe get un banded. If I'm banded does mean on everything or just the MKW Im 53 years old and finger try the wii out. it 2020 Have time and happy find good people who keeping the system alive, And that itself along with some great games, and few emulators. I did know about any services before I payed for it. only game I new of was wii sports. I did even know came with the wii. If any body who can help Please help