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  • Rinnegatamante hat den Custom Home Menu Manager 2 für den 3DS auf Version 2.8 aktualisiert. CHMM2 ist ein Theme Manager, um seine 3DSThemes zu verwalten und zu installieren. Bugfixes und Änderungen können dem Changelog entnommen werden.

    Rinnegatamante wrote:

    - Bugfix for some graphical glitches with preview system and listmenu mode.
    - Refactored the whole code, now homebrew runs a lot smoother.
    - Bugfix in Theme Downloader when a space was inserted in the keyword, it produced an interpreter crash.
    - Replaced Danzeff Keyboard in Theme Downloader with a touchscreen QWERTY keyboard.
    - Now Power button pression at startup is no longer required for CIA/3DS users.
    - Now CHMM Localization is no longer required (english localization is builtin with the executable).
    - Added Usagi 3DS Theme Editor previews native support in Preview System.
    - Now if a theme doesn't use a BGM.bcstm file, it won't use BGM from previous installed theme.
    - Added possibility to install themes without using BGM file.
    - Added Spanish localization (thanks to DrkBeam).

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