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  • Joel16 hat heute 3DSident auf Version 0.7.2 aktualisiert. 3DSident is ein Tool, dass dir viele Informationen deines 3DS bietet. Diese Version gibt es auch als GUI-Version. Neuerungen und Änderungen für die Original- bzw. GUI-Version kann dem Changelog entnommen werden.

    joel16 wrote:

    • Now only refresh battery and sliders info (thanks SegFault42)
    • Display MCU firmware (arigato Hikari Chan)
    • Same as the above (except for the refresh stuff)
    • Switched to ROMFS, you'll no longer need to use the /3ds/3DSident folder.
    • Re-organized screenshots. Screenshots will be posted in sdmc:/screenshots. It will be posted in the following way format from now on: screenshot-day-month-year-num.png. Use L + R to take a screenshot.
    • New 'hardware' menu includes the following: (These are GUI exclusive, make the switch :p)
      • Headphone port status.
      • Card slot status.
      • SDMC status (if you're running this, then the answer is obvious)
    • You can now use the touch screen to scroll through sections. (thanks SegFault42)
    Saying this once again, 3DSX builds are no longer tested or supported. Use them if you wish, but don't complain about incorrect results. I've already addressed this issue.

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